Increase your bodily and emotional awareness. Gain insight into what is blocked in you. Open yourself up. Find space to grow. Activate resources of power and joy. Sustain intrinsic motivation. Be inspired to move through change.

I foster a greater sense of well-being and an enriched sense of self, which aims to elevate your overall quality of life.

-Clarifying your request
-Insight in your physical and emotional landscape
-Allow your insights to guide responses that serve you
-Inviting you to create sustainable change
-Facilitating you to reclaim your life

Contact me for a free 20 minutes clarity talk preceding your first session:

Individual rate: € 75 including VAT
Duration: 60 minutes
Discounts: -10% for 3 sessions payed at once
-20% for 8 sessions payed at once

Business rate: € 150 for 60 minutes, excluding VAT

Location: Amsterdam Egelantiersstraat, or to be agreed
Language: Dutch or English

I recommend you schedule 8 sessions to get to the root of what’s blocking you; to touch your life-force; to evolve; and to naturally manifest you. Depending on the range of what is going on in your life, we may need a different amount of sessions to reach ground and explore your desire.

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