Breathwork private session

Individual Breathwork offers time to explore the full range of benefits of working with your breath; relaxation, realization and inspiration to evolve. I guide you into breathing a natural and open conscious connected breath; your own breath can mirror behavioural patterns or inner dialogues that may hold you back. The relaxation part allows you to integrate what you have come to realize. For you to redesign responses to situations in your life.

I facilitate your exploration; physically, mentally and spiritually. I encourage you to notice the details of your sensations and to fully experience everything that contains. For you to expand awareness. My sessions are accompanied by music that suits the moment. We conclude the session with a short mediation; releasing energies that are no longer suitable; allowing seeds to manifest; and your process to evolve even more.

Conscious Connected Breathing:
-Time devoted to connect and talk about you
-Room for you to clarify your wish
-explaining Conscious Connected Breathing
-A safe space on a soft mat for you to lay on
-A full Conscious Connected Breathing session
-Gentle pressure on your body to invite the release of tension
-Sharing insights and sensations
-A meditation for cleansing
-Planting seeds for you to tap into your inspiration and flow

Individual rate: € 120 including VAT
Duration: 90 minutes

-10% for 3 sessions payed at once
-20% for 8 sessions payed at once

Business rate: € 240 for 90 minutes, excluding VAT

Location: Amsterdam or to be agreed
Language: Dutch, English
Please wear comfortable clothes, no belts nor tight buttons. Bring warm socks. Plan some free time after your session, to integrate what might have opened.

CONTACT me for a free 20 minutes clarity session preceding your individual breathing session

I recommend you schedule 8 sessions to catalyse changes to any habitual patterns you no longer benefit from. And to integrate change.

Breathwork has been used by yogis, mystics, saints, guru’s, warriors and athletes for centuries. Breathwork supports inner-calm, peak-performance, optimum-health and connection to your center; your intuition; your source. Breathwork accomodates the art of being.

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