Therapy in Energy offers relaxation, inspiration, and realization uniquely applicable to your situation and life. We tune into the root of what’s causing discomfort. I work on clearing the Energy in and all around you. Recommended for people experiencing to be very sensitive; Also known as hyper sensitive or Indigo. This treatment can work problems intangible to your doctor.

Therapy in Energy:
-Time devoted to connect and talk about you
-Clarifying your request
-A safe and sacred space for you to lay on
-A full session of sacred Energy-work
-Uncovering what is blocking you
-Planting seeds for inspiration and change
-Sharing insights and sensations
-A short manifesting meditation

I recommend you schedule at least 3 sessions to clear your Energy physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. To receive insight in what’s blocking you. And create space to be yourself.

Individual rate: € 70 per hour including VAT
Duration: about 1,5 hours*
-15% for 3 sessions payed at once
-25% for 8 sessions payed at once
* contact me for info about a session for children

Business rate: € 140 per hour excluding VAT

Location: Amsterdam
Language: Dutch or English
Please wear comfortable clothes. Brings warm socks. Plan some free time after your session, to integrate what might have moved you.

Contact me for a free 20 minutes clarity session preceding your Therapy in Energy:

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